10 pairs silver gold hoop rings for women small chrome steel hypoallergenic rings set girls nickel loose,10mm-18mm

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  • ✦ hoop rings set for women: a need to have for ladies and girls, simple and classic, can put on on my own or matching with different earrings to creat a stylish appearance.
  • ✦ light-weight & hypoallergenic: those hoop rings are crafted from 316l stainless steel, hypoallergenic, nickel loose. Rings are clean to open, light-weight for comfort carrying.
  • ✦ diverse size jewelry hoops: small hoop jewelry diameter 10mm, 12mm,14mm, 16mm, 18mm, exceptional choice based totally on your needs. Gauge size 18g(1. 0mm) for daily sporting.
  • ✦ pleasant practical gift: the silver gold hoop earrings are personally packed, came with a shinny field or velvet bag. Realistic present for lady friend, friends, mother, young adults.
  • ✦ shop with confidence: all our merchandise is custom made via hand with love and care, any query approximately our small hoop rings for ladies girls, please contact us freely. We will provide you with solution within 12 hours.
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hoop earrings set for women

hoop is a ought to have for your earring series, people need diffent length and color to suit diverse looks and activities, here you may see our 10 pairs hoop jewelry set for women and women.

these small hoop jewelry come in length 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 mm diameter, styles, you could pick extraordinary styles in three pairs , five pairs, 6 pairs, 10 pairs, meeting your various desires!

small lightweight and hypoallergenic gold and silver hoop rings for girls and women, make you sense relaxed for ordinary put on. Conventional and durable round stainless steel hoop earrings.

jewelry hoops fit with other jewelry nicely, simple and elegant for spouse, mom, daughter, sisters, lady friend, exceptional buddies. Each pair of earrings are packed personally and with a pleasing nice velvet bag/shinny small field.


10 Pairs Gold+Silver-1, 10 Pairs Gold+Silver-2, 10 Pairs Gold-1, 10 Pairs Gold-2, 10 Pairs Silver-1, 10 Pairs Silver-2, 6 Pairs Gold+Silver-1, 6 Pairs Gold+Silver-2, 6 Pairs Rainbow+Gold, 6 Pairs Silver+Black, Rainbow-3 Pairs, Rainbow-5 Pairs

8 reviews for 10 pairs silver gold hoop rings for women small chrome steel hypoallergenic rings set girls nickel loose,10mm-18mm

  1. Boo Radley 007

    This is a nice assortment of smaller, gold-tone hoops. There are five pairs each in progressive sizes in two different styles. They range in size from 10 mm to 25 mm. Five pairs are hinged back, and five pairs are omega wire hoops. This is great for me as I can only wear plain studs or small plain hoops for my job. These are made with stainless steel and I have not experienced any ear irritation or discoloration from them. I have experienced the opening of the hinged hoops when I pull my somewhat long hair back, so you might want to be cautious of that. They come in a decorative cardboard box–a sparkly metallic print (not glitter) that would be nice for a gift presentation. It was not packaged properly by Amazon and suffered a crack in shipping. Each pair of earrings comes in its own mini zip-top plastic bad. That will be great for traveling. I have double piercings in my ears, so it’s nice to wear two different sizes of the same earring in each ear. These look good. The finish is smooth and shiny and the gold-tone color is believable. this is a great assortment of hoops for a bargain price. They also come in a silver-tone option.Read more

  2. Alexa Galvan

    Update!!! 5/27/2020I tried the gold again and haven’t felt any sensitivity at all!!! And they still look good!I’ve had so many issues with other earrings causing irritation and itching and once my ears bled. I’ve showered in these and my ears haven’t gotten irritated not once or have changed colors. I even got the gold ones and found that those made my ears itchy but maybe I’ll try them again later on. My other two ear piercings on both ears are new I’ve only had them since January so I’m glad I found theses cos I wanted to switch up my look.Read more

  3. Kalyan Karki

    Absolutely loved this ear ring. Exactly the sizes I was looking for. The gold color looks like a real gold. Great value for the money.Read more

  4. D Jones

    I’ve only just received these a few days ago, so if anything changes I will update my review…I’m very pleased with these, I just went with the rainbow colored set of three to see how they looked, and to see if I like them before purchasing more. So far, I’m very pleased with this purchase. The hoops seem sturdy, I love the rainbow finish and they’ve not caused any irritation to my ears whilst wearing them. I’ve also slept in them, and they’re just fine.I’ll definitely purchase other colors as it’s a great way to get the different color metals to go with all of my earrings.They were very well packaged in a nice little box, each pair in its own individual little bag. Highly recommended!!😊Read more

  5. A.A

    These are cute and you get several pairs for very little money but they aren’t worth it. I’ve had 2 break already and the other ones always get snag my hair in them. It’s so abd that I have to take the earrings out to get my hair out of them.Read more

  6. Emily

    I bought these earrings since I saw several positive reviews and the descriptions says nickel-free, hypoallergenic etc., but my ears turned red and dry after wearing these in the shower. My ears started peeling and felt very uncomfortable and I had to switch to my pair of real gold hoops after a week. I give them 2 stars since they are easy to put on, look cute, and comes in a value pack, but NOT for sensitive ears.Read more

  7. Mrs.

    The worst 10 bucks I’ve ever spent I my life!!! Hours after I took them out of the package the goldtone started loosing the color!!! They were a perfect design for my piercings…sooo very disappointed. BTW, I’m in TexasRead more

  8. leadb37

    Great selection of different size gold hoops. From small to large and every size in between. Bought for myself but my kids love them so I lost half to them. Still plenty left over for me though. All Individually wrapped and even came in a cute gift box. Would make a great gift as well.Read more

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