1. Five”/2″/2. 5″ individual dance footwear for girls massive child

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  • heel measures about 2 inches”
  • manufactured from a genuine imitation leather-based top
  • 2″ heeled dance shoe providing a smooth breathable lining, an attached ankle strap with a pin buckle
  • amazing secure all motive shoes, and not using a want to interrupt in
  • perfect dance footwear, ballroom dance shoes, additionally healthy with work clothing, casual jeans, skirts or clothes
  • authentic to size. Order your street shoe length
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product description

approximately stelle

* stelle, reported as /ˈstɛlə/, is an change spelling of estelle (antique french, latin). And the call stelle approach “star”.

* stelle is a us emblem. The organisation is based in the lovely san francisco bay location.

* the brand changed into based through a mother of 3 lovable girls. At the basis of the employer is a mom who loves dancing and artwork, and wanted extra from the products she become the use of on her younger kids.

* our way: exceptional first-rate. We accomplice with the first-rate, ethical factories round the world.

1. Our 2. Five” person dance shoe is made from excessive best, real imitation leather top.

2. Tender breathable lining, an connected adjustable ankle strap with a pin buckle

3. Advanced heel raise attachment

four. Very secure all reason footwear

five. Authentic to length. Please order your avenue shoe size

6. Ideal for dancing and appearing、ballroom dance class、theater play、school musical、every day work etc.


4, 5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11


2" Tan, 1.5'' Black, 1.5'' Tan, 2" Black, 2.5'' Tan, 2.5'' Black

6 reviews for 1. Five”/2″/2. 5″ individual dance footwear for girls massive child

  1. NicGable

    I measured my foot per the size chart guidelines and the shoes fit perfectly. These are great character shoes. I am a professional performer so I know my way around a dance shoe. 🙂 With that being said, the soles ARE sticky as other reviewers have said. These shoes would be great for jazz, modern, and ballet; but not if you are executing pirouettes (a full turn). After other reviewers expressed this issue, I purchased velour soles separately, also through amazon prime. They arrived at the same time and were affordable. They are an easy fix for the “sticky” bottom problem for full or half-turns. See photos attached. Read more

  2. RV

    These do run large (long) and are wider than typical for “M” width. Comparison to Capezio: • Sizing: the 5M in these are longer and narrower than the 5.5W Capezio. (The shorter, wider 5.5W Capezio fit me better). They are definitely still wider than non-wide-specific character shoes, but not as wide as the “W”-specific shoes (as far as I know, only Capezio puts those out though). ***UPDATE: Note: THIS COMPARISON IS TO THE “JUNIOR” 1.5″ CAPEZIO – have since realized the 2″+ Capezio’s in wide are significantly narrower versus the juniors. Heel height of the Stella’s is closest to the Capezio 1.5″; so the above comparison may not apply to the non-1.5″ Capezios)*** • Heel height: These are close in height to the Capezio 1.5″ Junior shoes (significantly shorter than the Capezio 2″ Student shoes). • Sole (stickiness/fastness): These have more of an indoor-outdoor type sole versus the hard-leather-like sole of the Capezio’s. Whether this is good or bad depends on where you dance. Stella’s are stickier. If you are dancing/acting on a pristine wood stage, I would opt for the stickier Stella soles (Capezios would be like ice skating). If you are on a painted stage/outdoor concrete or asphalt, or a bad bar floor, then the Stella’s will be too sticky to pivot at all while the Capezio’s will pivot perfectly fine. I only wear character shoes for venues on the latter list, so Capezio’s win again for me (I opt for prettier & usually cheaper suede or indoor/outdoor soled shoes for fast floors). • Sole (ruggedness): The heel cap on the Stella definitely wins on this one. The Capezio leather heel wears down to the nails which will tap on the ground when walking within ~ a week for me (but, like I said above, I generally only wear character shoes for venues with really bad floors including concrete and asphalt surfaces – they would fare better on a stage). The sole and heel of the Stella should have no issues with wet ground, while the Capezio’s leather soles will absorb some water. I wouldn’t recommend the Capezio for general/outdoor wear while the Stella looks like it would be fine with that. Read more

  3. Clare-iza

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I purchased these (Big KID Size 7M – Black) shoes for my 14 yr old daughter. She needed closed toe dress up shoes for her school choir performances. My daughter has hard to please feet and I honestly mean HARD TO PLEASE… :/ Almost always I return shoes I buy for her when she is NOT with me because most of the time I go shopping when she’s in school. This time though I decided to take a chance and search on Amazon. So I put in the search “Closed toe black block heels and comfortable”. A lot of selections came up but these shoes caught my attention due to the style. Also after reading about 15-20 reviews re: comfort and how the customers used it. I had to just give it a try and worse case if my daughter didn’t like the fit I can return it. Thankfully she tried it on with light pantyhose and walked around a bit. She gave it 2 thumbs up and said she liked the fit and comfort. I must add she doesn’t like to wear heels either and although these have a low heel…she was able to walk and balance around properly. My only tiny teeny complaint would be it does look slightly big on her but I chose the size 7M because they don’t have it in BIG KID size 6.5 they only had it in BIG KID size 6. You can see in the picture it slightly looks bigger but if she tightens the strap she says it’s fine. The strap also has 7 holes so you can adjust it fit loose or to tighten it. All in all my daughter says the shoes feel really comfortable for the first time trying it on. Since she hasn’t really worn it out I will have to give an updated review after a few wears. For now it’s an A+ in her opinion. I should also add the lining is comfy and I’m a size 7 in women and it fits me but I don’t dare try to wear it because I don’t want it stretching on her. :D. I’ve also attached a video to hopefully get a better look at the inside lining. Hope the pictures and videos help!! 🙂 Read more

  4. k8

    These are nice! I ordered my street size, 7.5, but those were too small. 8’s work great. I ordered the 8.5 too so I could see/feel the difference between the 8 and 8.5. I’m glad with the 8. I bought these for wearing to church. I didn’t want high heels that would kill me or no heels– so these are a nice compromise. I like the strap to help keep the shoes on. If I had to use them for dancing, they would be awesome. Like the description says– they’re perfect and comfortable for many activities. I love the classic design! Read more

  5. Sherry

    Needed a dance shoe with a lower heel for 1920’s performance. I went through a bunch of shoes, before I found these! They fit good, were comfortable for an hour performance. Price was good too. It is always hard for me to find a comfortable shoe and this one worked. I also bought a pair of Capezio’s which were good (higher price), but as they had a higher heel I chose to wear these. I found out you have to pay $ if you want something decent, otherwise, you end up with a bunch of cheap shoes until you figure it out. Would recommend these! Read more

  6. cfull13

    I was put into a part last minute where I needed black character shoes fast. These arrived via Prime, and I wasn’t expecting much because of the price. They are SO comfortable! They fit just right, and got me through 5 performances plus tech week. Highly recommended – would buy again. Read more

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